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★★★★★ Steve B.

Banning, United States 8/22/2016

A great selection of equipment, fair pricing, excellent customer service. I wouldn’t hesitate to rent from them or recommend them for your equipment rental needs.

★★★★★ Christina T.

Fraser Valley, BC 11/8/2015

OK so we had an epic toilet clog in our downstairs bathroom. Instead of buying an $80 snake or auger we went and got advice from a very knowledgeable person who recommended we RENT a $12 tool. He showed us how to use it and an hour later we unclogged the nastiness in our pipes, which included leaves. How did those get in there?!?!?

Super happy we didn’t have to call in a plumber or buy an expensive tool.

★★★★★ Shane Howes 1 year ago

Great and friendly Good selection of tools and very fair. Great job guys : )

★★★★★Jessica Haramati 10 months ago

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